Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair and Troubleshooting in London Ontario

While having to do your dishes by hand is not the most terrible thing in the world, it’s an annoying hassle when you’re used to piling your dishes into the washer and leaving it to wash. If you have a faulty, malfunctioning or broken dishwasher, read through the following tips and possible solutions to some common problems.

My dishes are not drying.

Possible Cause:
Are you using rinse aid? Dishwashers are designed to use a liquid rinse aid, which improves drying greatly by keeping water droplets from forming. This way, it allows your dishwasher to dry better and prevents streaks and spots from forming.

Otherwise, it’s possible that your dryer is retaining moisture due to blockage in the water drain, or valve. If you suspect this is the case, attempt to clear the blockage by running the dishwasher, or purchasing a cleaning agent.

The dishwasher is not draining.

Possible Causes:
A likely culprit is a clogged drain line, worn out solenoid or drain impeller. These repairs are best outsourced to a technician, though you can try to clear any blockages yourself by running the dishwasher on a high heat setting, or purchasing cleaning agent.

Another commonly encountered cause is a new installation of a garbage disposal. Sometimes, the knockout plug is kept in place upon installation. Many dishwashers are connected to the garbage disposal, and the knockout plug needs to be removed. Remove the knockout plug and reconnect the drain hose securely to the disposal connection.

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The dishwasher leaves spots or film on glass and silverware.

Possible Causes:
Your area uses hard water, or you don’t use rinse aid. Hard water is likely to leave film or spots on their dishes duet o high concentrations of calcium and magnesium. Often, rinse agent will help to alleviate the spots.

The dishwasher runs longer than stated.

Possible Causes:
Long cycle times are often caused by low water temperatures. Try to run the water in your sink for a few minutes to clear out cold water from the pipes.

The washer leaves bits of food and crumbs on the dishes.

Possible Causes:
You may just need to clear the filter. Certain models of dishwashers will have a removable filter, which can get clogged and return food particles to the dishes. Clear the filter according to your manual.
Dishwasher Problems Which May Require a Technician’s Attention.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, you’re likely going to have to call Appliance Handyman in for repairs and parts replacements:

Leaking: this indicates a faulty or broken water inlet, pump or valve.

Your dishwasher doesn’t heat the water: this indicates a likely heating element failure, and will require tricky replacements.

Temperature fluctuations: while it’s possible to adjust or fix the thermostat of your dishwasher yourself, it’s an easy repair to misdiagnose.

Humming and failure: likely indicate a seized motor, which will be in need of replacement.

Appliance Handyman offers local London area dishwasher repairs. We replace and repair any part, including thermostats, timers, gaskets, heating elements, pump assemblies, solenoids, valves and motors. Contact us for quick, effective repairs and diagnosis of problems.

We service the following brands of dishwashers:

  • Asko
  • Bosch
  • Dandy
  • Frigidaire
  • GE
  • Kenmore
  • KitchenAid
  • Maytag
  • Miele
  • and more

Call us today and get your dishwasher working again in no time. If you encounter any of the above problems and are unsure how to fix them, simply give us a call and allow our trained technicians to repair your appliance. Get in touch with Appliance Handyman today!